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Only Sites relating to Lingerie will be accepted.

Please use common Sense!

Information you need to know about Top 100 Lingerie Sites.Com

  1. No Obscene, racist, or sexually explicit sites will be accepted. Being a lingerie site - we expect sites to be sexy and fun, we just want the sites to be tasteful lingerie sites, not X-Rated sites. Top100Lingeriesites.Com is in charge of determining what is acceptable and not.
  2. Please do not abuse the voting script to increase your hits by placing or using it in newsgroups, and forums. Most people think these kind of things are as bad or worse than Spam. Which brings up the next point, please do not put your Voting Script in SPAM. We at will never send out Unsolicited Commercial Email - and hope that our users will do the same.
  3. Your site will be added after review. Review will be taken care of as quickly as possible.
  4. Hits in and Out will be reset Every 7 Days.
  5. The more votes your site sends, the higher you move up the ranking. Its that Simple.
  6. No Cheating - the software that runs the site keeps track of where the hits are coming from, and tracks cheaters by several different methods.
  7. We reserve the right to remove any site at any time. We are doing this as a service to Lingerie Lovers everywhere.
  8. To move up the list - put the voting code (with either the supplied graphic or as a text link) in a conspicuous place on your website. You will move up the list with the more people you send to Top100LingerieSites.Com - which - in turn - should end up sending you more potential customers.